30.8.17 Some thoughts on Bank Holiday Monday

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Sitting in the shade in Ravenscourt Park after a lovely lunch in the W6 Garden Centre Café. I am thinking about my blog and why I don’t write it or when I do, I don’t post it. I really want to write a regular post but it just doesn’t seem to happen. This seems strange to me because I write short bits and pieces, as well as longer stuff and poetry, all the time. I do this even when I’m working on my MA, the second year of which begins in about a month. Year being the operative word since it is exactly that, beginning in early October and finishing at the end of September 2018, with a few two week breaks!

But at the moment I footloose and fancy free. Tomorrow I will begin preparatory reading, planning and general musing. This will however be beautifully interrupted by two weeks in Italy, Venice, Naples and then a week at the sea side. I have been to Italy 4 times before but have never been to any of these places so I am very excited.

I am also very excited about the MA when I get back, the suggested reading list is huge and looks extremely interesting. I have read some of the books but there are new authors and new ideas to explore.

As you may or may not know I was on TV last week, with the British Haiku Society, in a programme called Utopias. It was very strange, not the programme but the seeing of myself on the box, it was quite disconcerting. Most people seemed to enjoy it, apart from one dissenter, who seems to have mistaken my opinion, which differs from his, as ignorance, a mistake which he expressed in a astoundingly patronising way. It takes all sorts.

I now notice I have drifted away from the blog question, however I seem to have written in my notebook a possible post. And if I post it, how can I make sure I follow it up? Perhaps I need a spot like always changing the towels on Mondays (except bank holidays). If I allocated a time each week and worked it round my exercise regime, the MA and all the other writing stuff, which seems fairly feasible, maybe it would happen, so watch this space. I have no idea how other people do it, why not let me know?


Woodpeckers and riddles

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I am refusing to let the miserable weather get me down, this week has been quite interesting, though I am still struggling with getting down to my short story. Having said that I have done loads of research on the internet and acquired a couple of fun books, one of which is The Exeter Book of Riddles – ninety-six Anglo-Saxon riddles translated by the wonderful Kevin Crossley-Holland. Who I saw once reading from his book The Moored Man, which is illustrated by Norman Ackroyd, I was enchanted and brought it straight away. I think it was at the London Original Print Fair, an annual event at the Royal Academy of Arts and which coincidentally starts today and ends on Sunday. I shall be going over the weekend, as a former print maker I just love this show, the work is very varied and as always the dealers and punters are immensely interesting. Back to the riddles they are very long and hard, I haven’t had time to solve any yet, but in case I can’t (very likely) the book has explanatory notes.

On Saturday I went birdwatching in Cassiobury Park in Watford, in fact it’s just round the corner from Watford underground station. The reason for going was a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, they are quite rare and I saw and heard one. They are similar to the Great Spotted Woodpecker (which I also saw) but the Lesser is tiny. There were Green Woodpeckers too, so the day was very successful, woodpecker wise. Really pleased to discover this rather lovely park, with a nature reserve, and good walks. A little oasis in the nature reserve, the birds singing, children’s voices in the distance, that kind of dreamy feeling, scribbled a bit in my notebook, always a good sign.

Went to The Regents Canal at Tring on Sunday, walked 6 miles up and down the tow path and along the Wendover Arm. A lovely walk and was aching but proud of myself.  Took Monday off.

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Spent last Saturday with a group of Haiku writers being filmed for a BBC programme – I hadn’t expected to enjoy it but actually it was really interesting and lots of fun. Watch this space for the date it will  be broadcast.

Heavy hail yesterday then thunder and lightning, all very exciting so long as you are indoors which I was. The garden was covered with what looked like white berries, but after a few minutes the only trace left was on the bench and that looked like snow. I am writing about climate at the moment so was extra interested in the whole thing, mostly it sounded like heavy rain but every so often there was pinging as the stones hit the window.

I have just read a really interesting article about friendship by Richard Ford, it was in the Review section of Saturday’s Guardian so if you haven’t read it, rummage in your recycling or look on line.  Concerning himself with his relationship with friendship he seems to conclude that ‘I might not be very good at friendship’ from what he says he may not be. He quotes a lot of other (mostly male) people, some of whom seem as unsure about the whole subject as he is. Whilst it was interesting and has made me consider the nature of friends and friendship, it also reminded me that I rarely totally believe writers when they write about themselves. After all we spend a lot of time making stuff, not to mention people, up, so how am I to know how much of what a writer writes about themselves is true? And why should it be really, after all one has to make the stuff interesting and Richard Ford has certainly done that.


Back again

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It’s the Easter break from my MA, we get a week – so I decided to have some time off and do some poetry writing. Went to Epping Forest on Bank Holiday Monday, walked 5 miles so was very pleased with myself. I also did some gardening over the weekend – I have to wear a mask if I dig or disturb earth or compost, it was the first time I have done it, it’s to protect my lungs from mould spores, I felt and looked (I’m sure) very strange.

As to the poetry, I have done quite a bit of editing found some interesting old poems which I have worked on and as I have two poetry meetings, Stanza last night, and Blue Side Poets tonight, they are getting a thorough workshopping. I have also been looking at competitions and submissions – this is a very involved process and I have spent a long time trying to decide which ones and what to send. As well as being a bit surprised by some competition’s entry fees. Still in the middle of this – haven’t made any phone calls or personal emails. Then Theresa May announced an Election, for heaven’s sake haven’t I got enough to think about, without petitions to sign, things to read and filling in my postal voting forms.

Work begins next week on the final assignment of this first year of my MA. I promise I will call or email or text anyone I should have very soon, preferably before this weekend, when some members of The British Haiku Society is getting filmed for a documentary for the BBC. Should be interesting.

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Well after seven years I am back and intending to write in here about once a week. Current news, I am doing an Open University Creative writing MA, and have just got 85% for an assignment, so I am feeling very chuffed.To explain the 7 years is quite hard, I had lung cancer twice, and have been ill with related things but am well at the moment.

My writing week usually finishes on Thursday evening, so that’s today. Then I have a 3 day weekend, but as it’s Easter I have 4 days to play! Though sometimes  do sneak back to the computer or my note book which is always with me. Especially if I am on my own. Haiku happen a lot this way, in fact sometimes I don’t even feel s if I wrote them they just seem to appear but even these need tweaking.  Longer poetry and fiction ideas seem to come in the night and keep me awake or I forget them, which is quite annoying.

I went to see the Russian Exhibition at the RA on Monday, and After the fall which I have to say I found more interesting. I had seen a lot of the Russian work before (old lefty) where as I hadn’t seen much of the American work from just after the depression. There was a Hopper I hadn’t seen before (I love Hoppers work) It was called New York Movie. I am writing some poetry inspired by the work.


Watch this space.

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I am a writer, poet and artist, this is my first blog entry and I haven’t really planned what to say. So here are a couple of haiku to be going on with. more to follow.

not seeing me

an elderly gentleman

steals and apple from my tree


a boy runs past

wanting me to watch

he stops to pant

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